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.. a little help from my friends

NEVER EAT FISH AT AN AIRPORT! Ok, this may seem obvious to most people.. but for some reason I thought it was a good idea. This was Thursday night. Food poisoning is not fun.. I learned this all day Friday. Thank goodness I was feeling better on Saturday.. the day I photographed Taiko and Jerry's wedding. I still couldn't eat too much so I pretty much ran on adrenaline for the day. Jordan and Lindsay totally stepped up and helped out so much. I'm so glad they were there with me!

Now on to the good stuff.. Taiko and Jerry's wedding! The Ceremony and reception were held at the Jersey City Hyatt with the most amazing view of Manhattan. Taiko and Jerry love Manhattan so much that we took the path train over to get some shots in Tribecca (I got yelled at for photographing in the station.. oops.) It was such a great wedding. Check out all the smiles in their slideshow!

Here are a few of my favorite shots:

I love this one that Jordan got

and this one of Lindsay's

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