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Yulia and Mike.. Married!

Do you remember a few weeks ago when the Tri-state area was hit by a hurricane? Well that was Yulia & Mike's wedding day! Mike was so sweet.. he called me a few days before the wedding because he knew Yulia was worried about the weather.. so he set up a Bride & Groom session where they could get all dressed up again after the wedding and take some fabulous photos in the city.. what a great Groom!

Yulia was incredible the morning of the wedding.. she was just so happy to be marring Mike that the rain didn't matter. She was so relaxed and looked stunning! I can't wait to get these two out for their session in the city!

Thanks so much to Jordan for her fabulous shooting and for running to the car through rivers to get our gear!

Yulia took a moment to go over her vows..

The first dance at Dellwood Country Club (about 1/4 mile from where I grew up!)


Jordan Van Aken said...
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Jordan Van Aken said...

What a classic beauty captured so perfectly! I can't wait to see what these two will look like with the city as a backdrop!