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It is the nature of the business for photographers to be constantly updating our equipment. Every once in a while we get something really fun. I recently got my hands on a lensbaby and I'm really excited about the possiblilities. Its basically a lens that bends.. so that you have a small point of focus and the rest of the image is out of focus and kind of bends with it. Definetly check out the site for more samples. I took these ring shots at a wedding this past weekend.. I didn't get too brave with the bendy stuff but I love the shallow depth of field!


jason groupp said...

What?! I had no idea this was in your "kit bag"! I would have loved to play with it! Oh well, thanks for coming with me yesterday, I cannot wait to see your images.

Kendall Rodriguez said...

I think I'm gonna add this to my list of things to get. Sweet!