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Broken Zippers and Great Friends

Junko and Jason's Wedding ended at 5:00 (see below) so I hopped in the car and drove up to Bear Mountain to attend our friends Maureen and Steve's wedding. I thought I was so slick .. getting there just on time to see the end of the ceremony. I pulled my hair out of the pony tail and quickly tried to change into my little black dress to transform out of wedding photographer Jen into wedding guest Jen. This quick change resulted in me breaking the zipper to my dress in such a way that I couldn't fully put it on and couldn't get out of it! I was stuck. After 15 minuets of this I text messaged Brian for help.. he found me and saved the day.. somehow fixing my zipper! We had such a great time at the wedding. Maureen and Steve are so lucky to have eachother and such a wonderful family.

Maureen and Steve

The amazing view from the
OverLook Lodge at Bear Mountain.

Brian and I

Brian stole the camera for a little while


Christopher Duggan said...

How sweet to be a GUEST at a weddng!

You look fabulous!

Suzanne said...

Hi Jen! The photographs from the wedding came out beautiful! You are so talented! I love the one of you and Brian. It is so sweet. And the one of Maureen hugging Gabe on the floor...there aren't even words to describe it! It was so nice to see the two of you that day. Hope to see you soon!