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Martha's Vinyard!

Jordan and I headed up to Martha's Vineyard a few weeks ago to photograph the wedding of Meg & Addy (images coming soon!) Our friend Jocelyn lives up there during the summer and not only recommended me to Meg & Addy but also and welcomed us to stay in the most incredible beach cottage as her guests for the weekend. It just so happened that our other friend Christine Farrah and her husband, Marcus flew to the Vineyard from California that weekend to shoot a wedding as well! So, we had a blast talking shop, cooking amazingly fresh local foods and bumbling around the island together!

Jocelyn, Jordan, and Christine taking a peak at what they had shot the day before

1 comment:

Jocelyn Filley said...

Aaaaaah, this is too funny. Next time I'm confiscating your cameras at the door ;-) We must have been having a very profound discussion, Jordan looks sooo thoughtful. It was such a blast to have you all here, come back soon!!! There's tons of squash at Morning Glory and the light just gets better and better!